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What Should One Expect in a Cataract Surgery?

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What Should One Expect in a Cataract Surgery?

Before the operation

Several days or weeks before the operation, you will meet with your ophthalmologist to discuss what type of cataract surgery you will undergo and discuss what would happen during the surgery. Your medical history will be evaluated by your physician.

You should ask and discuss with your physician which of your daily routines should you be avoiding. Before the operation, the ophthalmologist will conduct several examinations to determine which intraocular lens to implant. The physician chooses an artificial lens based on your eye’s length and the degree of curvature of your cornea.

It is crucial that you remember and follow the preoperative instructions of your physician. You will not be confined in the hospital after undergoing a cataract surgery. Therefore, you should make arrangements with family or relatives to drive you home after the operation. You should be at the operating area hours before your surgery and meet with an anesthesiologist who will give you the sedation that is necessary.

During the operation

You should get accustomed to a team of medical practitioners in the room during the operation. They are there to assist the surgeon while performing the operation. Cataract surgery does not really give you pain and discomfort. It will take about 20 minutes to remove the hazy lens. What you will feel is a sensation of pressure coming from the specialized instruments used in the surgery. After the operation is done, you will be moved in the recovery room. Your surgeon will prescribe you with eye drops which you will need to consistently take for several days after the operation.

After the operation

After undergoing the surgery, you need to regularly visit your ophthalmologist within the next few days. Your physician will check on the progress of the healing of your eyes and prescribe to you further medications when needed.
After the operation, you will continue to use the eye drop prescribed by your doctor. This will protect the surgical area from inflammation and infection. After several days or within a week from the operation, you will notice that your vision will improve. When your vision stabilized, your doctor will prescribe you with the right eye glasses.

Are you Contemplating Laser Eye Surgery?

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Are you Contemplating Laser Eye Surgery?

If you are reading this blog right now, it means that you are interested on having Laser Eye Surgery. It is very likely that you have some problems with your vision like astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness that you want fixed to eliminate the dependence on eyeglasses or contacts. The internet is certainly the biggest source of technical information which means you already understand how excimer laser is used and why wavefront technology is now being seriously suggested by many eye doctors. If you are contemplating Laser Eye Surgery, a better source of information is the honest feedback of patients who have undergone the surgical treatment.

What to expect from Laser Eye Surgery

Lasik is considered as the most popular among the different types of Laser Eye Surgery that includes among others Lasek and PRK. Lasik sounds like the answer to the dreams of many people who are encumbered with eyeglasses. Although there are no official figures, it is estimated that around 15,000 people undergo Lasik eye surgery in the United Kingdom every year and the number is expected to rise because of the positive feedback from patients who have undergone the surgical treatment. Lasik eye surgery is quick, painless and the rates of recovery are quite high. This is the general consensus of patients who have been asked to describe their experiences with Lasik eye procedure. This belies the rumors that Laser Eye Surgery has many complications.

Is Laser Eye Surgery safe?

If safety is your concern, the best option is to ensure the qualifications and experience of the eye surgeon. Ideally, the eye surgeon who will be doing the procedure has to be a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or the Royal College of Surgeons. All laser eye surgeons have to be registered with the General Medical Council. To allay your fears, make a phone call and ask whether the ophthalmologist is a registered and allowed to perform eye surgeries. However, bear in mind that the cost of Laser Eye Surgery depends on the skills and qualifications of the eye surgeon. But for the sake of perfect vision, price should not be the consideration. Feedback from previous patients reveals the great improvements in their social and personal lives.