Laser Eye Surgery Cost – Technology Plus Expertise

One of the most common questions asked by people who are interested on vision correction through Laser Eye Surgery is the cost of the procedure. Laser Eye Surgery varies in price depending on the type of surgery, how it is done and who will do the procedure. It is important that when you go for your initial consultation to find out about the prices and whether aftercare is part of the package.

Why is Laser Eye Surgery expensive?

Laser Eye Surgery has evolved over the years with new technology which means that equipment is expensive. Eye surgeons with the right qualifications and skills do not come cheap particularly since eye surgery is very delicate and requires years of experience. According to a 2013 survey of refractive surgeons they quote different prices for Laser Eye Surgery based on the technology used for vision correction.

New technologies include:

• Customized Wavefront technology – makes use of a specially designed lenslet array that measures the changes in wavefront light as it passes through the visual system and presents the data in a fashion similar to a topographical map that can easily be read by eye doctors.

• Intralase technology – uses a precision laser device to create a more precise and accurate flap without the use of a blade.

• Microkeratome – has been improved over the years to create a corneal flap with virtually no discomfort.

• Femtosecond laser – is used in bladeless Lasik where laser energy is used to create the corneal flap for better comfort and faster healing.

Paying about £1,000 per eye for Laser Eye Surgery is reasonable enough considering the amount of technology and expertise for benefits that will improve your life. Laser Eye Surgery allows you to join sports activities and water games which you used to avoid for fear of losing your contact lens or breaking your eyeglasses.

If you find clinics offering very low prices for Laser Eye Surgery, better think twice. In most cases, this is only an advertising gimmick for packages that do not actually provide the true price of treatment. Beware of hidden charges. Research all your options carefully until you find a clinic you feel comfortable with. Check with your insurance company whether they will cover the cost of Laser Eye Surgery, otherwise, try looking for financing.

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